1. P

    Help! Sheared Axle.

    I sheared the splined stub axle where the spline ends. Both left and right side axles had already twisted and the right one finally sheared on track (corner 5 at Texas World Speedway). I had already ordered new shafts from RCR and they should be here soon but why should the replacements behave...
  2. V

    how to remove inner trans axle hub on zf trans

    Trying to re install axle with new boots and need advice on easiest way to install it. I have full axle assembly out I just cant put it back in without the bearings falling out... advice would be appreciated.
  3. ckouba

    Gravity Racer

    Chapter One: Mental Commitment, Design Definition, & Initial Build Portland has an adult soapbox derby each summer ( and an acquaintance of mine built an entry and ran it last year, having a BLAST. I found out about it and decided I had to do it, so I started my...