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    Bonneville, World of Speed September 2021. Neil Albaugh in his homebuilt "Werewolf" runs an easy 157.458 mph. Speed limited to 160 mph in this class.
  2. World of Speed 2018 Bonneville

    World of Speed 2018 Bonneville

    First run ever for this homebuilt. Engine not running right at 5,000 RPM in 2nd gear so I turned off the course. I'll diagnose the problem when we get home. ...
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    My homebuilt at Bonneville 2017. Jimglo all-aluminum tilt trailer.
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    In the pit at Speed Week. Tech inspection problems curtailed runs. Class is B/GMS (engine size = B, G = gasoline, MS = modified sports)
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    Pit Set-Up at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah 2017
  6. manta22

    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    I have been building this car over a period of many years. With the exception of its fiberglass body, all the fabrication was done by me- including the chassis, suspension, and engine. I chose the McLaren replica body that was made by Manta Cars in Santa Ana, California for their Mirage kit car...