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    Storage Boxes

    Has anyone fabricated storage boxes to fit under the rear clip on the SPF MKI Cars? I'm considering making some with appropriate insulation and wondered if there are plans, mounting thoughts already out there? Thanks Cameron
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    looking for door boxes

    Looking for a set of door boxes, any extras out there or is anyone currently making them? thanks -steve
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    Anybody with Mk2 luggage boxes for sale

    Looking for a set of mk2 luggage boxes, have a ZF transaxle, mk2 rear subframe and don't feel like learning to TIG weld aluminum at this point, none of the online vendors list them for sale anymore. Thanks
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    Comparative gear ratios in UN1-013 & UN1-07

    I'm still busy researching alternative gearboxes for my GTD (engine is a 302). I have narrowed the choice down to two, both based on the 3.44 final drive. The UN1-013 was originally specified for the 21 Turbo. The other box, UN1-07 was specified for the Alpine Turbo. The boxes are very similar -...