1. P

    Ford GT Evo - for you GTR Builders

    Very cool car
  2. L

    GT40 kit completed the most

    There are quite a few kits on the market and larger and smaller companies offering them. I have read a few of the build logs to see what some builders experiences are with the kits and understand some are easier or others need more fabrication. My question (horribly worded) is what kit would you...
  3. R

    2017 Philip Island Historic Races - Photos

    Some of my photos from the Sunday when i made it down. Haven't had the camera out for a few years so im a bit rusty. hope some of the photos are useful to other builders and the guys that were running. Will have to use a longer shutter next time for more motion blur. Philip Island...
  4. Godspeed

    G96/01 rear support

    I'm using a Porsche G96/01- LS3 combo. The rear section of the trans is not supported. I believe I read somewhere some builders are using a rear trans mount. My engine and trans are solidly mounted. Any suggestions?