1. S

    Looking for a GTD cable change

    Has anyone got a complete GTD cable change setup they would like to part with? Thanks Simon
  2. G

    Borla induction help

    Does anyone know if the fuel injectors on a Borla 8 stack induction on a Ford 351 Winsor the same as for a crate Ford Boss 302. I know the intake would have to change but not sure if anything else would have to change. Any input or suggestions???? Thank you
  3. ferrari328gt

    Member Name

    In keeping with the administrator's request to eliminate all "handles", how can I change my member name, and the line below my name in a post. Thanks.
  4. J


    Hi guys and gals .... I'm not using my 40 yet IVA in January ,,,,,,,,,, I have running in oil in my engine 302 ..... How long should this be left in ? ..I am running it up now and again .. so when I change the oil and filter what oil do you guys use ?? I used Valvoline in my Cobra with no...
  5. R

    Weber Throttle Linkage

    Gents, I am about to go from a single 4 barrel to 48 IDFs. I would like to see any pictures of your set-ups and more specifically any bell crank arrangements. My current cable runs straight down the passenger side of the current set up. I am hoping I do not have to change my cable, so the...
  6. F

    Convert Left Shift to Right Shift

    I have a left hand shift in a right had drive. I'm finding that i'm missing shifts. Is there anyone in the East that have experience with this type of item. Might have to change my fuel cell that has a notch for the shift linkage.