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    Spa Classic 18-20 may

    According to the entry list some GT40's on the starting grid. Peter Auto - Spa-Classic I will be there as a visitor leaving tomorrow to stay at Camping L'Eau Rouge for a few days. If you see this on the classic car park... its me ( V8 Roots Blown )
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    Anyone having issues with GT Forte?

    So I jumped into the GT40 build by buying a GT Forte Flatpak frame. I was told they have frames in stock and should only be 4-5 days to ship. March 12/18 I paid for it, last email he answered March 21. I have sent 3 emails since, one last week and another a few days ago. NO response. But to...
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    2018 Northwoods Shelby Club Events (Road America/Autobahn/Blackhawk Farms/Gingerman)

    Join the Northwoods Shelby Club at the following HPDE events: -April 28 & 29 Road America: $250/single day, $425 both days. -June 2 & 3 Autobahn Country Club: Saturday $225, running North Track 12:00pm-5:00 pm and full track from 5:30pm -8:30pm. Sunday $185, running South Track. $350/both...
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    Fall morning drive

    It was 59 degrees and perfectly crisp clean air after a rain from 2 days ago! It was 9am and perfect for a drive!
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    Project Plan

    Since this is about an RCR GT40 kit build, I will put this in this forum. OK, I can start by admitting that I have on occasion been accused of being too project focused, with that said, has anyone every put together a “project plan” for an RCR build? I of course have RCR’s manual and Chuck...