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    351w for sale.

    This engine was built at great expense to be used in a fast road/track day 1965 classic Ford Mustang but due to unforeseen personnel circumstances is now being offered for auction. The price is less than what has been spent on it and this will include crating and shipping to a UK address, we...
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    SBF 302 Gasket set Mahle HS3530VJ

    I've just got a gasket set for my 302 (Mahle HS3530VJ) I can't seem to find any info online wether they are compatible with the edelbrock performer ally heads I've got - any one used this set?
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    UK emissions IVA. Carb problems 850DP. Holley (which) or ???

    Hi all. Getting very frustrated with the carb now having spent many hours working on it and also reading up on how to set up, how to rebuild, how to diagnose etc etc so hoping you guys can help out. I'm having troubles getting current carb which was supplied with engine about 8 years ago...