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    Dallas Fort Worth RCR/SLC get together

    We're having a DFW SLC get together. Texas motor speedway is doing charity laps on 5/19/18 at 5pm. $40 for 3 laps if you sign up online. Craig will have the green one there. I'll have the yellow one. John is trying to finish up the white one before then. Frank? Cody? There is a pace car but...
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    Tornado Wheels

    Hello, have somebody the BRM wheels 15x8 and 15x12 from Tornado on his car and can tell me, how is the offset from the wheels? Perhaps a pic. Thanks Frank
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    Anybody got an old Ford Cosworth DFV F1 / F3000 engine kicking about under a bench ? Frank
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    Outside Mirrors Superformance

    Hello, do anybody know , from which car are the outside mirrors from the superformance GT 40? Thanks Frank