fuel injection

  1. Dave Hood

    SPF MK1 For Sale in Detroit

    Interesting video from Vanguard Auto Sales. The owner is an odd duck, but the car is nice. Anyone know whose car this is? Seems to have a number of Olthoff's upgrades. Pricing seems similar to Hillbank's for a similar car...
  2. 3

    Not firing on all cylinders. Motec M48

    Hey Guys, this could be along one. a shortened version of events (back story) -Replaced manifold with Speedster 8 stack injection -installed self learning ecu (turnkey efi) -installed MSD 8579 and Digital 6AL when i tried to run the car it was only firing on around 4 cylinders (checked with...
  3. Dave Hood

    Eight Stack EFI

    I attended the Spring Auto Fair today at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and Dale Schaller from Eight Stack (www.eightstack.com) was there displaying their EFI system. I've had their system on my car for a year and it's running great. All the benefits of EFI with the great retro look of the...