1. P

    Le Mans Classic tckts for sale, plus parking

    Due to a forced cancellation, I have a pair of admission tickets for the full weekend, including paddock, available for sale. I can split and sell one set only if there is interest. Also available is a GT40 area parking permit for the full weekend.
  2. Z

    Spare tire?

    Hello Any current replica manufacturer offer a nose that'll accept a full size spare as the original? Thanks
  3. PeteB

    SL-C Video

    A couple of local automotive photographers are starting their own on-line magazine. The first feature they're doing is on my SL-C. They're still working on the full video, but they just posted a nice trailer Shutterfuel - 480HP. 2500 LBS. HAND BUILT. ALL SUPERCAR...
  4. C

    FS: RCR40 4" Wide Body Gulf **SOLD**

    S o l d
  5. K

    SLC Cooling Questions

    A month ago I had a leak in a heater core tube. That prompted me to replace all the coolant lines from the radiator back. Problem is with refiling coolant and burping the system. 1) I am using the HD Airlift Evacuator System - recommended to my by Fran 2) I can hold 25lbs vacuum and the...