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    1970 Fiber Fab Valkyrie (a V-8 mid-engined, Ford GT-40 inspired kit car), WV 25442, $3500 (price reduced! Now 3k!)

    Nov 2018 I had the opportunity to buy a 1970 Fiber Fab Valkyrie kit car (inspired by the Ford GT-40) but life has taken a change and my loss is going to be your gain! The Valkyrie is a mid engine V-8 with a Fiber Fab made robust chassis equipped with a corvair suspension. It was never built and...
  2. Cobrajet's GT-40 MKI

    Cobrajet's GT-40 MKI

    Fuel stop in Tabernash, CO, on the way to Grand Lake, CO > Kremmling > Eagle > Vail > Denver, CO.
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    FS USA Headlight mounts

    Headlight mounts (SOLD) These are two extra headlight mounts that came with my RCR. They should work on most any accurate GT-40 body. $50 for both, plus shipping in a flat-rate envelope from Colorado.
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    quarter panels

    i have a set of gt-40 quarter panels from cushman competition for sale. paid $500. greta shape and wel made. if interested i can send pics. feel free to call me at 315-727-2699 est....thanks jeff