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    door latches

    having a hard time adjusting door latches on my SPF 2116. spent many hours and my mechanic spent some too. thought i had it solved and then Fri. my son and i drove to Neptunes Net in Malibu for Pattie Melts and on way home drivers door kept opening at speed and a couple of scary times in a right...
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    With deepest sympathy.

    To all his friends . It is with much sadness that I have to report the death of my friend and co worker at SGT Nick Morris he was a devoted gt40 enthusiast and many of you that have met him no he could talk GT 40s all day he was always the first on hand with trolley jack and spanners if...
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    Kit Car Builder & Forum Sponsor Checking In!

    Hello All, My name is Tino and I'm excited to be here! It almost reads like an AA meeting intro, doesn't it? :drunk: I was born into the kit car world about 6.5 years ago when stumbling upon a second hand GTM Gen. 1 build in the Toronto area. At the time it had been my goal to restore a...
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    parking brake

    hand brake location slc I am using interior tub
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    Graham Kelsey of GTD 40 fame

    All of you GTD 40 followers who remember the good old days with the Poole/ Manchester lads will remember Graham as a helpful, friendly and funny guy who was Rays right hand. Unfortunately he has lost his battle with cancer. He was at home with his wife Mary and his step daughter last night when...