1. bill kearley

    Head light install

    A new thread, yup. I would like some ideas and or part numbers re the fitment of front head lights, buckets, addjusters and such. Part numbers and fotos would be a great help. Thanks Bill
  2. M

    Original GT40 Mk II Heads?

    Had oil blowing out the valve cover gaskets on my Contemporary Cobra on to #5 and #1 plugs. So, I decided to clean the mess up, and replaced the valve cover gaskets on both sides. I had been told by the person who sold me the Cobra that his father, a racer, had bought the motor (have receipt)...
  3. D

    New Event

    :thumbsup:It will be listed in Events on the Club's NEW WEBSITE but here is at head's up and link to the GLASGOW Petrol Head Event 4 - 6 August 2017. Ignition Festival | Glasgow SECC | August 2017 David.:helmet:
  4. M

    A tunnel question

    I've noticed on several builds. That the tunnel for the gear shift & hoses? Just stops about the dash bulk head. Why? It seems to me that if it was brought all the way to the front bulk head & tied in. It would act as a "back bone" & add torsional & longitudinal strength instead of just being an...