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    pins for GM (olds) column?

    Hi guys, the harness that came with my kit doesn't have the column plug horn wire connected to the Infinitybox. I'm trying to figure out where I can get the right style pin to add it. Any ideas?
  2. T

    WTB tires

    looking for 295/35 R18 without paying an arm and a leg. any ideas thanks.
  3. D

    newb from South Texas

    Can't stand it any longer, tired of being a lurker! Hope to start my SL-C journey sometime next year. Been drawing inspiration and quite a few ideas from all the build threads. Thank you to all those who have lead the way and documented their experiences.
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    Front License

    Anybody else need to worry about mounting a front license plate? Washington State troopers use most any reason to pull you over. Looking for some ideas for how to mount a front plate! - sigh!! Colin