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    Brm gt40 6 pin wheels f 9.5 / r 12 15in

    Brm gt40 6 pin wheels front 9.5wide / rear 12wide 15in Brm style wheel not sure of the mfg, for my era gt40 6 pin 15 inch 12 inch rear and 9.5 inch front polished outer lip and light gray center. If tires were on them it could not have been long look new and perfect.$2100 PRICE DROP3/13/18...
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    Mounting front clip

    Anybody else have to remove the front wheels to get the front clip on or off? Am I doing something wrong? I have 19 inch Forgestar F14s.
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    Tie Rod Required

    Hi I have a RCR40 and need to source a single replacement steering tie rod. Anyone know who makes these? RCR website shows that they supply the whole rack and tie rods only. Its approx 10-11 inch long (depends where measured from) and has 1/2 inch thread. Thanks