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    Back in the fold

    After many years without a GT40, I am now the new proud owner of Rob Broomfield's GTD. It’s got a lowered floor which gives plenty of room inside. The gearchange needs some fettling and the pedals are in completely the wrong position for me, but it’s quite a car! The tuned 351C sounds like a...
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    I have a GTD-40 with no roof vent I want to install one does any one know where I can get one. I have the louvers for the exterior but no inside box. HELP!
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    New Guy Here

    Hi. New guy here. I'm trying to find out what a buddy of mine has exactly. He bought a storage unit with a GT40 project car inside. My avatar is from the car. Anyway, I'm a Chevy guy, but LOVE the GT40's and their wins at LeMans.
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    How to measure the length of the header tubes?

    I have read that the original GT40s had a header tube length of 36". Is this the distance from the flange at the head to the start of the collector or ...? I have heard conflicting opinions on whether the length is the tube length (which would include the tube that is slipped inside the...