1. M

    Gt40 project

    Looking for gt40 or lola t70 project or completed car. Any car of interest!
  2. R

    Switch Labels

    I needed to buy a new Hull ID number plate for my old boat. Used A-1 Engraving Service (Engraved Tags, Nameplates, Labels, Memorial Plaques and Signs). Great price, great quality, great material selection, and really fast. I'm going to use them to label my other switches on the boat. I have...
  3. PeteB

    Any interest in starting a Facebook group?

    Anyone interested in starting a closed SL-C owners/builders group on Facebook? I'll volunteer to set it up if there's interest. Seems like a lot of forums I used to be on that moved to Facebook have had a large increase in participation.
  4. S

    FS in UK Smiths 200MPH speedo

    This looks like it MAY possibly be NOS but obviously several decades old! PM me an offer on £200 if its of interest Pics here.....Speedo by Simon Winter | Photobucket Simon
  5. M

    GT-40 T shirt

    First, note to Moderator. If this is in the wrong place, please move. I subscribe to ReinCarNation magazine. The attached link is to an ad for a shirt that may be of interest to Forum Members. I have no interest in the magazine or the shirt. Mike GTO40 Tshirt