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    Bonneville, World of Speed September 2021. Neil Albaugh in his homebuilt "Werewolf" runs an easy 157.458 mph. Speed limited to 160 mph in this class.
  2. manta22

    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    I have been building this car over a period of many years. With the exception of its fiberglass body, all the fabrication was done by me- including the chassis, suspension, and engine. I chose the McLaren replica body that was made by Manta Cars in Santa Ana, California for their Mirage kit car...
  3. M

    M6 gt

    Just out of curiosity: Is anyone making the M6 Gt coupe these days? I haven't seen anything about one in quite a while. They used to be pretty popular in various incarnations like the Manta or Coyote? I prefer coupes as street cars like the T70 or M6.