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    YOUR Club AGM

    :idea: The Club AGM this year will take place at The National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire UK. CV8 2LZ Monday, MONDAY 7 May 2018 1.00PM The Conference Theatre, (small room on left) Main Item on the agenda is the election of committee members. Regards David.
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    Camping Beausejour Le Mans classic

    Hi I am going to the classic this year and will be staying on the Beausejour campsite in my motorhome. When I went to the 24h three years ago I stayed from the Monday before until the Monday after and was wondering if the campsite was open for the same amount of time for the classic. Regards David
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    smith GT40 GPS speedo install instructions

    I have installed my GPS speedo and as soon as I did the needle jumped to 200 mph and continues to want to move further, and now I cannot find my installation instructions to determine if I wired it correctly. The store I got it from won't be open till monday but was hoping to have my dash...