1. N

    Front Sway Bar Brackets

    I’m using a C5 Corvette suspension and sway bar. The brackets for the sway bar are large and only allow me to mount them in one place. My concern is that they are too close together to allow proper performance. My only option would be to find smaller brackets and mount them farther out...
  2. M

    Ford probe turn signal

    For anyone that has used a ford probe turn signal. Where did you mount it. Pictures would be helpful. Also how did you mount it. Thanks.
  3. Dan carter

    Compressor Mount

    Has anyone tried the Dirty Dingo AC compressor mount? DD-LS-SD7B10-LM-KIT :huh:
  4. Godspeed

    G96/01 rear support

    I'm using a Porsche G96/01- LS3 combo. The rear section of the trans is not supported. I believe I read somewhere some builders are using a rear trans mount. My engine and trans are solidly mounted. Any suggestions?