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    FS USA Headlight mounts

    Headlight mounts (SOLD) These are two extra headlight mounts that came with my RCR. They should work on most any accurate GT-40 body. $50 for both, plus shipping in a flat-rate envelope from Colorado.
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    Gearbox mounting

    Hi Everybody Just wanted some advice on mounting the transaxle. I spoke with the engineer and he said to only use three points of mounting, two for engine and one for gearbox. I am using an audi 012 gearbox and it has two mounts on it. What have you guys done for this? I assume you use both...
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    FS USA Motor Mounts

    These are brand new Energy Suspension motor mounts for SBF. Never used. New they go for $168 at Summit. Looking for $120 OBO plus shipping
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    Motor mounts

    Fran sent me a MK II last week and I'm putting an FE in with a Porsche 930 behind it. I've spent a fair amount of time looking thru the threads here and haven't been able to find much about motor mounts. The first order of business is to get the gear box mounted to the engine and set in the...