1. V

    RCR phone or email contact - anyone have any luck?

    Anyone been in touch with Vicki, Kristin or Fran recently? I've been unable to get a hold of anyone there for a couple weeks now - phone and email. Edit: I just sent them a message on Facebook too - hoping I can get through. - Ven
  2. J

    locate RBT

    RBT site say 's they are no longer at Katella Ave. in range Ca. anyone know of new address and phone #?
  3. N

    GT40's at Manchester Classic Car Show

    Pictures and videos of the Northern Section GT40 Enthusiasts Club, taken on a phone so quality a bit iffy so turn up the sound ;) 002 - YouTube 003 - YouTube
  4. S

    Has anyone heard from Andrew Booth of ???

    I was working on some things with Andrew, he has always been a tricky man to track down due to all his commitments, however his phone has been cut and he is not replying to emails? More out of concern than anything else, has anyone heard if he is ok?