1. D

    GTD Engine/gearbox Lowering

    Hi all I've just been reading with interest all the various options on lowering the engine in a GTD.... inverting gearboxes/Southern GT rear end/angle grinder to GTD chassis etc etc. The chassis is completely standard GTD and I'd like to lower the engine/gearbox by a modest amount c.30mm or...
  2. L

    Fuel Pressure explained

    Nothing ground breaking here but this short article put a couple concepts together for me especially concerning Fuel pressure and injectors on forced induction systems and return vs returnless so I thought I'd share it... Fuel Pressure Explained
  3. bill kearley

    Holley and Borla 8 stack interference

    Help, Borla 8 stack fuel rail crashes into Holley dist. Fuel rail mods. or ???????????????