1. GTSean

    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    Hi, I figured I would start a thread for my GT40 build on this site. I ordered my kit from RCR last month and cant wait until it is delivered sometime Mid January. I am excited to share this experience and hopefully get ideas/ suggestions from the group here on GT40s.com. I am currently...
  2. 20180901_150146.jpg


    Cobrajet's GT-40, Parker, CO
  3. Cobrajet's GT-40 MKI

    Cobrajet's GT-40 MKI

    Fuel stop in Tabernash, CO, on the way to Grand Lake, CO > Kremmling > Eagle > Vail > Denver, CO.
  4. D

    RCR GT40 Deluxe Plus Kit For Sale *SOLD*

    Why wait 16 weeks for one of FRAN's kits to be produced and shipped? This car is ready to go. All intact with everything listed below, including a brand new from the factory 289 HP Stock Ford Small Block engine. Asking price $41,000. Either PM me or call at 208.320.2519. Includes Lighting...