1. D

    Tracking down a GT40 owner from Kent

    Hi all I was chatting to a lovely GT40 owner from Maidstone in Kent at Le Mans. He has a GTD in dark blue with yellow stripes, reg X40GTD. I can't remember his name! Does anybody know his name or contact details? Please PM me... Thanks Darren
  2. J

    My Regestration has arrived

    Hi all yes my new registration is here and its an 18 Reg ...... Yaaaaaaaaa woooooHooooo.
  3. J

    Reg forms.

    Hi all I am filling out my registration form . I need to know the reg fee . and 6 months road tax . I don't want to mess up my application and get delayed . so can anybody help me please . I think the reg fee is £55 but not sure . Thanks all .. John..