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    Graham Kelsey of GTD 40 fame

    All of you GTD 40 followers who remember the good old days with the Poole/ Manchester lads will remember Graham as a helpful, friendly and funny guy who was Rays right hand. Unfortunately he has lost his battle with cancer. He was at home with his wife Mary and his step daughter last night when...
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    Veterans Day

    To all of the Vets out there; Celebrate life, remember the past, stay safe and God Bless!
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    Logging in to the site

    Hi. For the last few weeks I've had to put in my user name and password in every time I visit the site. I tick the 'remember me' box every time. Just wondering if this is a change to the site, or whether it's just me?
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    Rich and lean ....

    Hi all . another Question for you clever people .. I am running a 600 Holley and doing the final settings and I cant for the life of me remember ... is it screw the air screws in to richen the mixture and screw out to weaken ? Thanks guys John..