1. G

    Borla or Inglese EFI for 302

    I’m looking for a Borla or Inglese 8 stack EFI Induction system for my Ford Boss 302 engine. Please send me a PM if you have one available. Thanks
  2. R

    Drive Train

    New RBT with 4:11,KEP bellhousing 355 sbc 500hp. Enderly injected. IDA manifold and new webers. Air gap 4 barrel manifold All for SBC . CAV bellhousing for SBF $17,500 for all. I don't see how to attach a picture? Randy
  3. P

    Free mirrors

    I have some mirrors that I am not going to use. I will ship in the US for free, and the mirrors are free as well. Just ask that the individual donates any amount to this forum. Pm me and I'll box them up and send them your way. One of the mirrors has some kind of scuff in the middle of the lens...
  4. mesamaui

    Looking for unfinished GT40

    Would prefer RCR but others might be interesting too Please send infos to [email protected] Thank you Maui 949-259-3109 Costa Mesa CA