1. W

    Faulty oil gauge?

    Hi all Have a little issue with my CAV and its oil pressure gauge, When the ignition is turned on, the needle travels the extent of the gauge from 0 to 100 Is the fault with the gauge or the sender? Also, where is the sensor? Thanks Will
  2. Dan carter

    ABS VSS Reluctor Rings and ECU

    Much confused. After a lot of reading about the GM ECU, seems it does use speed info to help control the idle speed and throttle positioning (so says GM). Anyway, I'm currently using the Dakota Digital to send the ECU a speed signal (it works, however mechanical is recommended). There is a...
  3. D

    Engine problems

    Hi Guys, I am building a GT40 using the Modular Mustang engine 4.6 liter with a single overhead cam. I am using an Emerald M3D K6 ECU, I have it connected and put in the various configurations including the Throttle pot. Now the Red light is staying on at the ECU, instead of going to green...
  4. J

    Oil/Coolant Temp Sensor

    I'm trying to plumb the oil temp sensor of a SPF into my oil line. The coolant and oil temp sensors are mechanical. Looks like the coolant temp sensor will plug into a boss on the intake manifold so that should be solved (yet to try it). I was planning on putting in a -12AN T fitting into the...
  5. M

    Coolant Temperature Sensor

    I am using an LS3 as the basic motor, but using the Holley Dominator engine control system because it will handle dual throttle bodies. I need to order a coolant temperature sensor, but wondered if there is a specific feature or model I should be using. It may be a question for Holley, but I...