superlite coupe

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    looking for superlite SLC to trade or deal for my 95 supra original TT

    Actively looking for an SLC to trade for or deal for my original TT 1995 Mk4 Supra. Fully built motor, brand new built th400 swap, 1khp+
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    Manta mirage into a slc

    I'm making a aluminum chassis I need six point cage n I already have it in fiber glass shop any one have a like for a super lite slc 3d or can some one tell me step by step how to scan my car drop in on computer. To modified it to see wat change I have to make to make the body style a slc super...
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    2009 Superlite Coupe For Sale w/ LS7 441cc **SOLD**

    2009 Superlite Coupe or SL-C from RCR for sale LS7 441CC $89,000 700 HP Weighs roughly 2,500 pounds <TABLE class=MsoNormalTable style="BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; BORDER-LEFT: medium none" alt="" 0?> <TBODY> <TR style="HEIGHT: 16.2pt...