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    Craft Performance engine knock

    Hey guys, I was looking for some guidance on my situation. I got an Engine from craft Performance and within 140 miles I got an engine knock. Ended up being 1 burnt up piston. I didn't install this engine keep in mind a second job did. Lance over at craft mentioned the timing needs to be 34. I...
  2. W

    Snap-on Timing light help

    Has anyone here got a Snap on Timing light number MT2261A ( the computerized Tach / advance unit ) Mine broke today and I found the cables to the Spark Lead pickup unit had disconnected at the pick up. As usual I took it apart, repaired the cables then forgot how it went together !! Can...
  3. Joystick


    For your information. Many of you on this forum might already know this but I didn`t. If you change your ECU to an aftermarket or buy an engine and ECU that doesn`t "belong" together there is a chance that they are not synchronized together. The same goes for if you for some reason change the...
  4. J

    Timing my 302.

    Hi all I need to set my timing with my strobe light . Could any body give me a clue as to what it should be please ..... My 302 is 330 BHP. And what revs it should be at when I am checking it ... Thanks all JOHN ...