1. S

    Tornado TS40 Build Belfast Northern Ireland

    Hi Guys Just taken on completing a part-built TS40, with Ford 302 and Renault UN1 013. Here are some pix to show you the starting point. Would be interested to have some tool recommendations, good pop riveter, torque wrench, rivnuts, what else should I get,.. etcetera.... BTW I have several...
  2. Andy Sheldon

    Carbon Mono

    Development work on our Carbon Monocoque is now completed after almost 2 years. Attached are the first few available pictures. It is also available manufactured in Aluminium at a more reasonable price. More details to follow in the next few days. Andy
  3. Andy Sheldon

    Big Block Tornado

    Spotted on Monday at Stoneleigh was this Big Block Buick powered Tornado TSC GT40. 7.5 ltr Buick bored out to 7.6ltr. Lots of mods to the rear body section to help with cooling. Owner is Paul Smith from Bristol who is a member of the Bristol kit car club. Andy