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    WEBER 48 IDA'S Help needed

    Hi All I have a 351w engine bored and stroked to 390 cu in with ported Allen Root heads (1.95 inlet/1.65 exhaust). Camshaft is a 290 deg Competition Cam, pistons TRW Forged with a 11.5 to 1 compression ratio. It is currently running 480hp on a 4 barrel Holley. I am planning a Weber 48 IDA...
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    Thoughts on 99008.990 weber Stack Screens

    Hi, Just looking for thoughts on 99008.990 weber Stack Screens as I have been told to throw them as far as I can.
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    weber 4bbl

    hello, anyone out there know about a weber 4bbl on a small block ford? i think it is a marine application? just purchased a e.r.a. gt40 . thanks in advance for anybody's input. regards domenic