Bringing artwork on Ford GT to Shelby event at Zimmerman Museum El Segundo CA Sept.18th

This is the LA SAAC club's annual tribute to their outstanding member Tony Sousa. This time round it's at the Zimmerman. the new name for the Automobile Driving Museum. Won't be hot there--sea breezes. I'll bring what artwork I have on '06 GTX-1, J-car, simulated F v. F movie poster with Matt Damon, Daytona coupes, '64 Sebring Cobra. 427 Cobra twin Paxton, GT40 roadster, '64 Ford GT. portraits Shelby, two of them as race driver. Plus a couple out of print books including Shelby the Man,the Cars the Legend back on the market for an option after Fremantle dropped the ball on a TV series. If you miss the show send me an e-mail & I'll send a group shot of all the art. Write [email protected]