Mk 2 MDA photo needed

Hi everyone
I am in the middle of redrafting a flyer for MDA to hand out at the Stoneliegh show, but although I have completed the Mk1 side including pictures (no prizes for guessing who's car was used) of car, brakes, suspension and engine, I do not have a photo of a Mk2 MDA for the second side.
If anyone can help with a photo that you DONT MIND being used fpr promotional purposes then please send it on to me. I would prefer a profile shot to match that of the Mk1 on the other side. It also must be an MDA because that is who the flyer is for. I do not want to get sued for using someone elses make and I'm sure neither does Mark.
Photos of build stages would also be nice, so I can put the car at the top and three detail photos at the bottom.
Running out of time now, Mark is on the case too but if I have a few options it would make life easier.