Silverstone classic

Mike Pass

Yes indeed. I am there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Having just got back from Le Mans I am ready for another dose of culture. I will be helping out on the Piper Club stand as well as enjoying the racing.
Yes Mark,
The GT40 Enthusiasts Club has a stand and marquee for all three days.
Come over and say hi.
A number of us will be in parade laps on the circuit on the Friday
Paul Brameld
:helmet:The GT40 E.C. will be in area 16, Green Zone.
Between the old Bridge Straight & the New Wellington Straight.
That is "over the other side of the venue" from the previous few years.

We have a Marquee, with signage, come and say Hi.
Re: John's art

Very honoured to have been able to have this painting of 1013 above my desk for nearly twenty years now so do go look at his work