SL-C color

Don't dip anything with clear coat or risk losing the clear coat when peeling the dip off (yes, it happens). Additionally, the texture of dip attracts dust and grime very quickly. If you're going to pay someone to dip your car consider wrap instead. Alternatively, do it properly. Let your car shine.

Severe Damage Caused by Plastidip (w/pics) - Subaru Impreza WRX STI Forums:
I'm still not sure I believe that one to be honest, if there was a problem, we'd be hearing a lot more about it, I'm thinking most likely it's not the factory paint job, even if he thinks it is.
It doesn't have to happen to everyone. There's lots of successful dip stories I'm sure. It's happened to a couple of people in my circles and there's enough other instances documented on the internet to flag the issue. But I'm not here to post googled links of dip horror stories. Oh alright, here's one more:
Plasti dip peeled clear coat off

Scott Rowland

I have only used it once. Tried doing some emblems with it. Couldn't get it to lay flat for the life of me. Looked like I was going for a furry look.