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Aaron, would you be willing to share your files for the scan of the center air scoop on the roof and the trim piece you designed? I am interested in 3D printng an extension to the scoop to make it look more ”Pagani”. I have a 3D scanner on order but it is going to take a long time to arrive. Thanks, John Symonds
Aaron Hamilton
I’m in the process of scanning that part of the body and re-designing the intake scoop. I’m still working on the radiator outlet docked at the moment. What file format do you want to scan in?
I'm very impressed with your fuel system setup. I'd like to copy it. Do you have a parts list that you could send me? Maybe even a penciled diagram?
Do you have a high pressure pump for your EFI in addition to two lift pumps?
Thanks so much,
May I ask where you are located out of? I may be interested in your car if it's still available, although I was really hoping to find an MKII.
Bryan I have a body already and looking at chassis. I bought plans from Active Power that uses Corvette suspension but I am now concerned about footwell space based on the length of the front control arms. I'm considering buying the GTForte flat pack and suspension components and was hoping to pick your brain and see what your thoughts are since you are building one.

Bart Roberts in South Carolina....
What do you have. My budget depends on the car.
You are welcome to call me 317-809-1940 there is a possibility I might be too tall to drive this car, but I wanted to build it.
Nice car. I also had a friend who bought one 2 years ago and sold it because he was a bit to tall. 6 3. Not sure how tall you are. I am 5 11

What are you looking to get for the car?
I will call you in about 1 hour. I am in Wisconsin so same time as you.
hey don't let all those positive posts from others get you down. They all realize that jay trolls this site and want to keep themselves in his good graces.