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Re: Where it all started

Mike I have nothing against Eric Broadley or the Lola GT MKVI. But would have they (Ford) been more successful having a Lola GT MKVII?
1) Your comments might be true if the Ford GT40 project was only a race car. But for Ford it was a road car. 7 MKIII and 31 MKI's
2) In 1966 Alan Manns lightweights use aluminium roofs but the MKII were deemed in testing by Jackie Steward and Graham Hill better for the Le Mans race. Which is a race of attrition and needs reliability and luck not out right speed!
3) Remember Lotus was approached before Lola and came up with a mid engined design which evolved into the Lotus Europa
4) Ford aim was just like Shelby"to kick Ferraris ass in his own backdoor" Le Mans when the purchase of Ferrari fell though in 1963
5) Did a Lola T70 win at Le Mans? Not enough development numbers a of cars to raced and money available
6) Basically Ford had more clout they threw money at the project and had more cars in number to race
7) From 1964 to 1965 there was not enough enough development in the Ford GT40 It did not win a race until Daytona 1965. In fact Ford was going to pull the project at FAV and shut it down! And it was only John Wyer that manage to keep it going!
8) Ford was paying the money and got what it wanted success at Le Mans 1966 and with the non Ford GT40 the J car chassied All american car driven by an all american team MKIV in 1967
9) It was going to enter the 1968 season by the FIA rule changes stopped that!
10) Then it got the bonus Le Mans double wins with the JWAE Gulf GT40 GT40P/1075
So in what way would a purpose built race car by Lola have given more success? And I do not equate the Lola with the 1967 Ford MKIV! Even in 1965 they Ford started looking for a replacement for the MKI. That's why the X car (putting a big block into a GT40 Roy Lunn) and GTP-J car projects evolved. How long before a 1963 Lola GT MKVI basis designed car would be non competitive?
Regards Allan
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