2020-04-16 20.47.30.jpg

2020-04-16 20.47.30.jpg

Man that last picture is perfect. It shows the 240/33 ohm setting. While its a long story, I thought I had set the gauge to that during set up. I ran the car out of gas while the gauge was showing 1/2 full. After scratching body parts, I realized I had powered the fuel probe to ignition power not to accessory power so the gauge was actually never programming properly during set up (boy did I feel dumb). I had gone thru the arduous manual setup process and never felt comfortable with "empty", but I found it (wife had to bring me gas, but I had a single car car show in the parking lot...ha). I'm going to use the 240/33 option tomorrow. As yes per the instructions it should work. It was so long between wiring and setting in the gauge, I simply forgot. Thanks

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