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  • They were a result of teamwork with Mirage Automotive who did the fabrication.
    I have been researching these cars for six years to get to this.
    You can see more information in our Mirage Automotive build thread.
    So what route did you go?
    There is a guy named David Morton on the "GT40" for sale thread that said he knows a man that might still have a origenal set. It's not mutch but it might be a lead.
    I did pay up front for the drawings. I think I paid $3200.00 for them. Dave was in the process of finishing some detail and assembly drawings. So I waited and waited and waited. He also builds the tubs as well as other cars. He's a busy guy. That I believe was the problem. After about a year and half of waiting and still not much to work with I decided to go a different route and he refunded my money. He's a nice and smart guy. I don't know if things have changed regarding delivery of any drawings. So, I can't comment on the quality of the drawings since I never really got to see any.

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