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    Need advice, and possibly an engine block for 302 Ford

    Jim, What did you go for for the valve covers? Thinking of replacing mine for something more original looking.
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    recent original docs disclosed

    Interesting that Ford referred to it as a "GT40" not a Ford GT as far back as 1964...
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    GTD Out From Winter Slumbar

    Nice GTD. Looking good!
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    The Racing Scene with James Garner

    The Racing Scene with James Garner, David Hobbs, Sam Posey, Scooter Patrick is now available to watch. Great movie !
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    Where is the tool room that it was copied in ?!
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    FS EU LeMans Grill sets

    Thanks. They are NICE!
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    Hello from a german freshman

    Welcome and Happy New Year!
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    FS EU LeMans Grill sets

    I would like a set Andy PM postage to USA and payment details also Thanks!
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    Mufflers or Megaphones?

    Loud pipes save lives.. That cracks me up! And then you look over at a stop light and THEY are wearing earplugs! Haha
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    Where does everyone live?

    Millbrook, NY Welcome to stop by this summer to see mine
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    Four Post Lift Recommendation

    I am looking at this one...Mayflower Blacksmith or Triumph 8000
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    McLaren replica build base on a Manta

    Wow. Looking great!
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    DRB GT40 for sale. ***SOLD***

    Good Luck Pete. Going to miss your fun comments and imput around here. Take care of yourself! Cheers Eric
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    15 inch Wheel Options

    No issues at all. I have the stock faux knockons that have "GT Developments" stamped on the inside...I have 215s on the front. Wish I would have gone up a size although THEY possibly might rub. IDK...
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    Block ID help

    More good info. Thanks!