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  • Hello slabsidebob - Some one up in Washington bought the car and the last I heard it was up for sale again. I don't know either of the owners and don't know haw to get in contact with them.

    You may want to post this in the main forum to locate the car.

    Good Luck
    Hi seen your post on the GT40 w/ pantera frame,I kive in S.Ore. and am interested in the car.Can you possibly put me in touch with the ownwers? I have been a member for a while but it wont let me send a pm or email or even post to the thread so I can post.
    Thank you. Slabside Bob PS. Nice ride!!! I have a 65 Slabside replica in progress!!! [email protected]
    Allen, the dynatek stuff is great. I really like the setup. I don't think I will ever go back to carbs. My flares are already 3 inches wider and I just don't have the budget to cut everything apart to pick up the extra inch this year. It would also mean new rims for the rear and that isn't cheap.
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