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  • Hello Andre40,
    I am a new member of the very interesting forum on f40.
    I have seen that you have written a book on the Kyalami 9h race and I have read all your story about Piper.
    Couse I am an admirator of David Piper and I am "studing" all his cars with which he got victories in the Springbook series, I ask to you a courtesy.
    Can you tell me the exact colour of the 365 p2/3 that won the 1966 Kyalami 9h?
    On the book "Pipe's" (a very nice book!) there are no colour pictures of this car in that race.
    An article of Motoring Mirror (a SA magazine), shown on the book, described the car as "angry red".
    The only two colour pics of the car dated 1966, by an Australian photophaph, shown the car, red (#1), at Surfers Paradise, in Agoust 1966.
    If the car, at Kyalami, was green (as a member of Fchat told me), when it has been painted? The description on the magazine does it mean something different from the colour?
    Thank you for your help.
    Renato Scotti di Uccio
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