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  • Hi Jim,
    The car is located in Los Angeles. I live around the Beverly center area.

    As for prices, each one of these cars have their own identity based on how much detail the owner has put into building. Plus putting one of these together with the right specs and detail is not easy plus time consuming. Having it in California is even more challenging, which I am sure you have found out. I can send you more Pic's, but you can see from the above pic I have put a lot of detail and attention to my car. I have seen these cars sell for 85K and also for 125K.... I would be asking 115K. Keep in mind that ZF Trans cost around 13.5K and My engine ran 17K. plus a lot of extras. Let me know if you are interested.
    I saw your post to me about possibly selling your car. My email is [email protected]. Where is the car located?

    Re price, I'm still developing a feel for the market. I see guys asking near new prices which makes no sense to me at all, and other guys actually selling for less than 90K, and still other guys asking in the middle and sitting on the market for months. So what do you think they're worth? Do you know anyone who has sold one in the last year, and what he got for it?
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