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    Bob Vincent

    I have been asked if anyone knows any information on Bob Vincent who races GT40's back in the sixties. If you have any information please could you contact me by email. [email protected] Thanks
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    NEC show pictures of GT40 Enthusiasts Club cars

    Hi Marcus, that's great news, can't wait to see you and the car. Fingers crossed shipping is prompt and without problems. Give me a shout when it's here. Glad to help. Best wishes Belinda
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    NEC show pictures of GT40 Enthusiasts Club cars

    Was great to meet you Marcus, hope to see your car soon.
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    2018 Classic Motor Show, NEC, 9-11 November

    Hi Darren, Are you still looking for cars to attend?
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    Goodwood Revival 2018

    Hello I will be there Friday and Saturday. Friends of mine are taking a Bullitt Mustang and Dodge Charger for display.
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    2018 Classic Motor Show, NEC, 9-11 November

    Hi Darren, I'm interested in helping out!
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    Farewell Message

    Sorry to see you go David, and thank you for all your support. Happy travels.
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    With deepest sympathy.

    So sad to hear of Nick's passing. One of the nicest, kindest guys I've ever had the pleasure to meet. A real gentleman. Condolences to his family and loved ones.
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    SouthernGT No6

    Woohoo just seen your posts Nick, well done great work. Got there in the end. Hope to see you out and about in it soon.
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    Hello from Sheffield UK

    Welcome and Good luck John. Look forward to seeing your updates.
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    Dreamer From UK

    Hi Sam Just to say my husband and I have just completed our Southern GT build, and would say Mick, Carol and the team are absolutely brilliant. Always at the end of the phone with advice helping every step of the way. My car has just gone through the Iva process and we would never have got...
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    Understanding Age-Related DVLA

    Hi Sam Having just got my Southern GT through the IVA, you must not have windows in the car, an Iva certificate states that no windows are allowed in the car. To obtain a year related plate, mine was 16 plate however I have cherished number now on, you are only allowed 1 reconditioned part to...
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    A flavour of Silverstone Classic 2016

    Great pics Mike, had a really good time,even though we didn't make it all the way round the track!
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    Belinda's build chassis 17

    Thanks Drew.
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    Belinda's build chassis 17

    More than welcome Nick anything we can help with.