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    944 transaxle

    One of our club guys has a 944 in his GT40. I recall him saying it was quite tricky however the box itself is very strong with better ratios than an 016 Audi. I could find out a bit more if you are interested.
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    Mating an O1E Transaxle with a 302SBF

    I have an O1E and a 302Windsor in my car, adaptor supplied by RF. As this is a common option I'm sure that there are many suppliers that can help. Cheers Bill
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    Show us your GT40!

    Dave, wheels are replica BRM with painted centre and polished rim and spinner. .
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    Show us your GT40!

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    DRB GT40 for sale. ***SOLD***

    Hey Pete, sorry to see you sell your beautiful car. I actually haven't posted on here for many years but when I saw your car advertised on carsales, I had to check in here yo see if it was for real. Great to hear you're well. All the best with downsizing! Cheers mate. Bill.
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    Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

    Looking good Ryan.
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    RIP Sir Jack Brabham

    Absolute legend. I met him on the day I had my first ride in GT40 back in 1994. Special memories of a great man. R.I.P Jack.
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    GTD chassis # 17789

    Hey Ron, awesome car & well done on connecting the previous owner! If you would like to connect with local GT40 enthusiasts, send me a PM. It's a great excuse to take that beauty of yours out for a drive with like minded individuals. Cheers Bill.
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    Superlite GTA

    Hi JR My question re RHD was because there were no RHD Eclipses made. There was a Mitsubishi FTO in Australia which by all acounts was similar to the Eclipse, but I don't know whether this is infact the same car under the skin & therefore useable or if there is no way that RHD can be done...
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    Superlite GTA

    Fran, is the kit going to be made available in RHD?
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    Jason's Coyote Powered RCR40 Downunder

    Hear-hear Jason. Absolutely magic build. Hope to see it in person one day soon! Cheers Bill
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    Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

    Speedy recovery Tom - my heartfelt best wishes to all involved
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    Hi from Brazil

    Yiasou Adonis Congratulations.
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    Rcr 40-31

    Awesome work Chris, always good hearing another car come alive! You should rightlfully be proud of your efforts, noone can take them away from you! Cheers Bill