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    Weber 48 ida help

    Hi Tom, JP has brought up a very important point about synchronization in Weber IDA carbs. There are a few good posts on the forum about synchronizing the carbs (somewhere). The surging or sputtering will not be solved by changing chokes, jets or emulsion tubes. It's also common to have the...
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    Weber 48 ida help

    Hi Tom, just reading up the posting to your initial problem being of running rich, sooty plugs and black smoke in the exhaust. It sounds like you have made good progress with jet changes... good. Running rich can mask other issues that weren't apparent before. Can you elaborate on coughing...
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    Wanted - GT40 Mk I Canada

    Hi George, There are not many fully built GT40 replicas in Canada, however as you are open to a project or a done car, I may be able to help you. It would be good to know what you're looking for in terms of type (Mk1, Mk11, Mk1 Gulf Spec) Small Block or Big Block, right or left hand drive...
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    Engine Idles Down When Electronics Are Switched On

    Hi Justin, I'd like to add to all of the above a couple more things to consider. Engine tune and battery grounds. A well tuned small block Ford has a strong idle a 650rpm with a stock cam, might need 800-850 with a cam upgrade. Handling a normal headlight or fan load shouldn't stall the motor...
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    Ball joint extender bumpsteer.

    Hi JP, A lot of great suggestions and information coming in to help you through your front end. It's more challenging in that you have an unusual combination of components in very low volume version of the KVA. No doubt it will get sorted. It's not clear to me from the pictures that you...
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    National Kit Car Show UK

    Hi Andy, Thanks for posting the pictures. Looks like it was a great event for all the exhibitors and what an experience for the enthusiasts! Cheers Ian
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    Southern GT #70

    Hi David, Really nice work! Having been down the rabbit hole of body fitment several times now with KVA, GTD, CAV, RCR and MDA I can confirm there will be many hours chasing the optimum alignment of all the panels. The key is to make sure the roof spider and windshield are square on the car...
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    Ball joint extender bumpsteer.

    Hi JP, Your front tires are approx 25.63 inch diameter. If you go for a ride front height under 5.00 inches you will aggravate the bump steer to the extent that other methods of working around the steering geometry inherent to the uprights is your only choice. I agree with Mikes suggestion...
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    ***SOLD*** CAV GT40 Mark I For Sale ***SOLD***

    Hi Bob, Glad the car found a new appreciative home. Let me echo what Brian and Randy said, there's always room here for your input:) Cheers Ian
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    Ball joint extender bumpsteer.

    Hi JP, Just wondering if you have large diameter front tires? Big tires with a racey kind of low ride height will throw the steering arm/steering rack geometry off. Are you using all the available caster? More caster angle will raise the steering arms. Just some things that come to mind, if...
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    ZFQ trans, is it too harsh for a Triple pate Race clutch?

    Hi Warren, Good to know you're taking care with the box. Kind of leaves the problem with the early Quaife version. Is this the same issue you had before? Perhaps the first fix didn't get to the route of the problem... IMHO with 75hp more than JWA had when the GT40s won LeMans twice, you can...
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    ZFQ trans, is it too harsh for a Triple pate Race clutch?

    So how did these gearboxes last 6 12 & 24hrs races in the sixties? We installed RBT ZF 5DS-25s in five CAV GT40s - hooked up to Ford Motorsport built 347s plus one more to a Windsor 392 all through McLeod twin disc clutch assemblies, internal hydraulic throw out bearings and matching aluminum...
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    Emergency Brake Issue

    Hi Phil, I'm a big fan of Wilwood products, having installed many complete systems or upgrades of existing OEM calipers/rotors/hats etc. However the mechanical spot calipers may not meet safety inspection requirements in all jurisdictions. You're probably not alone as Wilwood introduced an...
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    New Active Power Build in Dallas

    Welcome to the club Rick! Loads of "been there done that" and "here's what worked for me" expertise on the GT40s Forum. Looking forward to seeing your car come together. Cheers Ian
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    GT40 P/1061 detail photos

    What a great resource this place is... thanks for the links, photos and paint code suggestions. P1061 is a beautiful car...