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  • Thanks for the great info Ian! Also what flywheel size and type should I look for? Or should I ask McLeod for suggestions on this? Also do you have the clutch slave cylinder I can purchase? Thank you again for your great advice!!
    Hello Ian, This is Ken J in Las Vegas NV. I need your advice on a clutch assy for my car. The engine is a 351 stroked to 427 with 680 hp. Can I use the CAV supplied bell housing? I am using a RBT ZF trans and would like to use a external slave if possiable, but that depends on your suggestions, Thanks Ken J
    Hi Ian, when can I bring the car down? I could trailer it this weekend. No answer at your phone, and no one at the shop when I sailed by on Saturday last. Simon
    Hi Ian, Simon here: Fran Hall is selling Gurney covers (Go Faster bits) in Detroit. Q'n.: do they fit my engine head?
    Thanks, by the way, the OPP wanted to know if someone was going to fix the sill cover on the gas tank.
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