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  • I have completed a BEC and live in the Murrieta area of SoCal. I can be reached at 951 970-2461..
    Hi Larry, I am looking for info on the Bailey GT40 and was told you might be able to shed some light on the company. I am planning on building a GT40 from a kit and have not found anyone in the US who has built a Bailey GT40. Any help you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks, John
    Ken11, I was at that exact auction live and bid on that GT40 lol.
    I held back for a few reasons I don't exactly remember.
    but I wrote them down in my log.
    I also saw a similar unit sell for a measly $40,000 at mecum. I wish I could have seen it. Sounds like a deal.
    here: 1966 Ford GT40 Replica 351/482 HP, 5-Speed for sale by Mecum Auction

    There are 4 GT40s for sale at Mecums this Winter.
    The highest reserve that is revealed for upcoming GT40s at Mecums is a superperformance at $65,000 reserve, if my memory serves
    I have a dealer license still, although I no longer work in that profession, so I sometimes get some inside info and tips, but not much. I usually don't like auctions but this is a soft buyers market for sure.

    here are a few more
    Hi Larry,

    Cliff Beer mentioned you might know of someone with a GT40 for sale around SoCal. I live in Oceanside. The Orange County auction is coming up in late June. Last year there was a nice one that went for a reasonable price.
    Barrett-Jackson Auction Company - 1966 FORD GT40

    Ken Brandau
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