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    Car e-track tie-down recommendation

    Good info. Yep, enclosed. No damage can occur from strapping to the lower control arm? He was considering the axle straps instead, since cobra weight is such a small load. I think it was probably just the access that he had a problem with but I imagine the blocks would give the clearance. Makes...
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    Car e-track tie-down recommendation

    Can someone recommend an affordable e-track car tie-down? It's for my dads christmas present for tieing down his cobra. The problem with his is that the trailer is narrow so no side access, and with the harness style its difficult to feed into the tight fenders. Thanks!
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    GT40 vs the Competition

    Great info. So modern brakes are a must.
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    GT40 vs the Competition

    That is excellent. Those are very current cars. And driven by Randy.
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    GT40 vs the Competition

    Any updates on this? Would like to hear any stories.
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    Coyote or SBF

    Very much enjoying this thread. A coyote in a gt40 is my long time dream, and hopefully can pull off one day. As previously said, it's definitely a long term vs resale, modern tech vs classic, and value vs cost differences. I'm more performance with modern tech driven. That and you've got 2 of...
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    Superformance GT40....order now, price increasing!

    Wow. Not sure I'll ever get the funds.
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    in car video friday night track time on classic le mans

    That's my dream right there. Some how...some day...
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    GT40 public attention

    Well said!
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    GT40 public attention

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    Jim Clarke Jr. car?

    Up for auction!
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    CAV or SPF GT40?

    Not quite related but, has anyone ever done a pros and cons of gt40 vs new similar priced cars on this site? I searched but couldn't find.
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    Jason's Coyote Powered RCR40 Downunder

    This is such a bad ass shot. So, if one were to purchase a SPF package with coyote mounts, and ford racing 5.0L crate engine with wiring harness, how difficult would it be to install? I would prefer to limit the amount of fabrication.
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    Loving this thread.
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    SPF GT40 video

    I'll have to look into that, and a place to route the wire.